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Iconic Muslim: Imam Malik

'...Imam Malik used to dress like the kings! He used to be known mostly for his teaching and studying - not for his zuhud (asceticism) - like Imam Ghazali was, although Imam Malik was from the zahideen (ascetics). 

There was one person of zuhud who wrote a letter to Imam Malik saying, 
“You need to be more from the people of zuhud! You need to pray start praying more at night, you need to start dressing down, you need to be known more for your fasting.” 
We don’t know these things about Imam Malik because of his ikhlas (sincerity). He didn’t let people know he was doing it. Now, maybe some of us here feel closer to purification of our souls, others maybe feel closer to the Islamic movement, maybe some of us feel closer to ad-da`wah as-salafia (the Salafi da`wah). That’s ok, that’s your business. Imam Malik wrote back to this person, and look at what he said: 
“Allah (swt) has divided worship amongst His servants as He has divided their provisions...As for myself I love to teach and I love to learn, and as for you, Allah has put in your heart the love to pray in the night and fast. I have no doubt that both of us are on goodness. Assalaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah (may the peace and mercy of Allah be upon you).”

This was his letter. The acts of worship has been divided to Allah’s servants...'
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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for this. Zuhd is a very mis-understood term. I have a great definition of it from my teacher.


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