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My friends' interview in EMBOX

In 2009 embox was released, the Muslim student magazine - an innovative offshoot from www.emel.com. I was flicking through this and midway found the student interview pages of good Muslim role models - undergraduates and post grad. Lo and behold, two of my friends were featured, masha'Allah. I get well chuffed when I see clever people achieving, especially ones I rubbed shoulders with. Click images for a better read.

Arzoo Ahmed; a social activist and nerd in all things sciencey.
Aged 14-16 we were in basketball/netball tournaments from competing schools.
Of course she always beat me, my pixie legs were no match.

Sumaya Almari, graduating in International Peace Studies, she's an excellent spokesperson. Eldest child to the Almari family whom I highly respect, Sumaya and I were at college together; I sang in halls and designed walls, Sumaya planned to save 3rd world countries. She's super cool.

EMBOX review on Muslimness.com



  1. Yup, awesome friends u got there sis.

  2. I'll second the A-mazing comment. Lots of gems on Sr. Zaufishan's blog. Do check out the comics sis!


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