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EMEL's competition winner of The Infidel: Me


Greetings Zaufishan, 

I’m writing to you from emel Magazine. 

I’d like to congratulate you on winning our latest online competition. I’ve let our administrator know and she’ll be sending you a copy of ‘The Infidel’ through the post. The prize should reach you within five to seven working days. 

Thank you very much for entering and watch this space for more competitions during the course of the month! 

Warm Regards, 

Robi Chowdhury"
Web Editor 
emel Magazine
1 Canfield Place 
London NW6 3BT

And then I said: Whoop! (I was the only one that participated, right?) masha'Allah

The Infidel is a British movie directed by David Baddiel, starring Bahai' Omid Djalili as our "average sort-of-devout Pakistani Muslim". After the death of his mother, he discovers he was born a Jew, adopted at birth by Pakistanis, and the only way to meet his dying Jewish father is to "Jew it up". I have to rate it 10 purely because it's outrageous in every aspect, even in its microcosm representations of society. Within an hour of watching almost every flag burning act, media terrorist headline and British curse word is yelled out loud. It's like watching your second cousin's father-in-law's brother's eldest Anglo-Pakistani uncle go off on one. I'm Pakistani and British, I know about these things.

It's outrageously true from the evolving but believable Muslimness of Omid, the racial and religious cliches in both Jewish and Muslim cultures - presented by the "various types" of Muslim and Jew ("you have your Americanised Jew, the sympathetic Jew, the Israeli warmongering Jew... you have your extremist Muslim, the 'almost' Muslim who drinks, the niqabi-Muslim who can breakdance..."). 

Perhaps not as outrageous is the infamous Pakistani marriage (there's always a marriage in the plot). The judgemental fanatic religious leader and sidekick who has a hook-for-a-hand plus shades, take the roles of villain and regression; the apparent conversion of Omid and similarities in Judaea-Muslim beliefs is fantastic, and yes, I'm going to say it, the outrageous boob lady is the icing on the cake. (Watch out for the pornographic flash around 30 minutes in however, painful and haraam).

Basically think of everything connecting Muslims and Jews - including a history of economic war and finders-keepers over Prophet Moses, and it's in The Infidel. You must watch it.

The Infidel Movie.

Zaufishan's Muslimness

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  1. Dunker of Flies06/09/2010, 17:58

    Normally I wouldn't go near a movie called 'The Infidel,' but after rolling on the floor within a minute of the trailer, I'm going to watch this one with the wife. But when the boob flash happens and she gets mad, I'm blaming you and absolving myself from responsibility :-). "What!? that Zaufishan lady recommended it; I had no idea!"


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