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Bloomin' Orchids

My Father bought an orchid plant for my Mother two years ago. We expected it to wither in the grey British "heat" but it bloomed on. Last year the flower multiplied in some organic mutation and one orchid became six.

One year and a half on, and the plant's still pink, deep, divine and growing more buds. I guess some parts of Allah's creation just aren't meant to end.

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  1. Ma'sha'allah, divine indeed! It is beyond beautiful and gorgeous, how great that it multiplied, that there are more buds coming up . . . . what an intense and memorizing shade of purple. I think this gift more than makes up for what happened to the car, don't you think Sis? :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing -and as always, great photography!

  2. [[[ x Smiley x ]]]31/07/2010, 22:31

    Wow! the colour is stunning, mashAllah :)


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