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I attended Al-Maghrib! (the second dose)

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

In January I attended a double weekend course with the Al-Maghrib Institute in which we studied the 29th 'juz called 'tabarak'. During the first weekend we became acquainted with the speaker Sheykh Reda Bedeir's style and covered the first few chapters of the Quran 'juz. The second weekend was a little rushed due to Sheykh's commitments, however, one really cannot put a value on the content that was learnt. This I'll be sharing soon inshaAllaah.

And here I have more photos from the second weekend.

Bradford Academy again, men's entrance at the left, women to the right

For visual learners several projectors and teevee screens are used

I make kicka$$ notes on the chapter called Nuh (Noah)

Dangerous warning signs: Many of us rebelled

This is fantastic: A gift box with 'jannati' ayat (verses relating to heaven and themselves heavenly), inside is a single wrapped chocolate *hooray*. A beautiful departing souvenir and in theme with surah Al-Insan which extensively lists the blissful life of Paradise.

Sheykh and Doctor Reda is one of the most smiliest Muslims on earth.
Note the flip chart on left - used as a score board for 'brother vs. sisters' answering the most questions correctly. Of course we women won.

The time for salah came and within 30 seconds *whoosh!* all had gone... Atta' people!

A random shot of the students' technology work. Apparently, this is a lamp...

Al-Maghrib's "mass-ive" on recycling (inside joke)

Like I said, seriously "massi-ive"... Where's the 'disposable people' bin'??

Studies gets fierce as we discuss the Devil's empty promises

Speaking of the Devil... We were shown a few "Devil whisper" videos from a Middle Eastern country. It's in Arabic with English subtitles. Watch them {here} I pity the guy that acts that role

The second time the hall is empty = brothers who drank a tad too much water

The Ameer (leader) gives a farewell du'a'

Time to leave, awh

As a fully fledged Al-Maghrib member I don't know how I missed out on this for so many years. It's like a secret society, but open to all; once you're in, you're "in" and getting group hugs and phone numbers from a million sisters and being coaxed into donating more, your heart, life, soul and all the while you're pumped up and willing to become a better Muslim. It sounds coercive now that I've written it like that, but I tell ye, it's what the Americans call "Awe-some", emphasis on the awe.

There are 'Qabaa'il' which I guess means groups or sections of Al-Maghrib members, dotted around the planet, for instance each US state probably has a Qabeelat as well as the major global cities. The nearest Qabeelat to me is Qabeelat Mass in Bradford, UK.

Al-Maghrib has jam-packed forums, on going competitions, an 'Ilm-Rush card which is a full year paid membership card with insane discounts. If I lived in North America I'd get it inshaAllah. There's a photo competition going on now where members upload snaps they've taken for public voting. To top it all, the Al-Maghrib Institute is managed by an intellectual and spiritual group of Muslim leaders including Muhammad Al-Shareef, Suhaib Webb, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Yasir Qadhi and others I didn't even know of.

*...out of breath...*

And... then... even ...better... I think... is that.. all of this... is based on ...loving... and living... the Qur'an. My personal resolution is to get more involved inshaAllah. I could do with a "circle of sisters", or y'know, those "friends" people have... Eh.

Ciao bella, peace be with you, as'salamings.

Zaufishan's Muslimness


  1. OK, American here - indeed that was awesome! I am a visual learner myself, so I'm loving the veedeeeo screens/projectors.

    Hot drink rebellion? It must suppressed! lol.

    Yes, of course the sisters won the competition - you ladies always do better in such things. *sigh*

    Cool lamp.

    I've seen those Devil clips before, man, are they freaky! *shudders*

    Hahahah, "brothers drank a tad to much water"

    Yes, sounds like a wonderful organization and great for the mind, body and soul. Such a place of love, learning to live and indeed, becoming a better Muslim.

    Hey Sis - we'd love to have ya in Amreeka sometime! Come by! Up to the 'norfwest' especially - further enlighten your Bro here jo kis ke paas kum ilm hai

    Ma'sha'allah, Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing this wonderful experience with us Sr. Zaufishan!

    Simply . . . . AWEsome!

  2. okay! I am envious sis. I wish I can attend something like that too.


  3. mashallah you are so lucky, it must be such an imaan booster

  4. @MF - Brother book me a ticket! I must be on US lands for infiltrating the system! Inshaallah! *prepares banners*
    @Ayah - my friend, you not got sister circles or "halaqas" your end? Hmm, try online inshaallah, there's always a way when there's a will.
    @Queen - I guess it is a boost, if only it were permanent or I could take the sheyukh home wi'me. :P
    Hamdulillah, research on places around you. Took m years to find these organisations. YEARS!


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