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Job Description? Qué?

I'm figuring out my 'job title' or profession or life choice according to the bajillion descriptions companies and organisations list in their forms.

I know I'm a mish-mash of various roles and alhamdulillah not a mass produced result of a production line, yet, I can't quite place the most befitting title. Want to help? *wide -yes please- grin*

It narrows down (she says) to:
  • Textile and crafts designer (my business is based on this)
  • Activist for social causes (the other half of my work stems from this)
  • Journalist/blogger (my online world)
  • Graphic designer (the thing that brings in the ker-ching £$)
  • Teacher (or orator, I don't know, suffice to say I have a loud voice and like to 'share' information with people... whether they want to hear it or not is another matter)
  • Photographer/scrapbooker (this is a combined effort and also part of my business).
Now, how am I supposed to shove them all together and get one sense-making occupation in English?

I came up with: "Qualified peripheral graphical-textile designer & Photo-journal-bloggerist'

... I should have been an accountant ...

What do you think?

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  1. Socially aware multimedia designer?

  2. @Ninjabi... hmm.. I like multimedia designer, that covers several bases... Socially aware.. is there another intrinsic term for that?


Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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