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My Blog Networking Icons

I've been searching online for networking widgets and buttons to 'borrow' for my BlogSite. Most of them are brilliant and easily embedded. I wanted to nick some hand drawn sets but they were copyrighted or self-promoting.

So I drew my own!

The icons were sketched on paper, scaled and redrawn on a computer. Various sizes of these images were produced for experimentation to check the pixellation results and for different websites. I stuck with the blogger, YouTube and Gmail icon (which was tweaked). I digitally made the Facebook, Muxlim and Twitter icons that you see on the sidebar. They have been uploaded to an image storage website for individual urls and linked to my network accounts. Well chuffed.

If you're interested in the hows to make your own, leave me a DIY comment. I can speak cleverer than this but I'm speaking Down to you. Mean, I know.
And I'll see you on Facebook, Muxlim and Twitter insha'Allah! (Arabic for God willing!)

Zaufishan.com Toodle-doo


  1. Thanks for the information.cool blog Thanks for sharing

  2. thats cool. thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Very cool Zaufi. How about the blue Twitter "t" which is crossed out - in red of course. Then I can say "You can't find me on Twitter!" LOOOOL. Sorry, just had to say it.


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