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Not Living For Gestures

As'salamualaykum fellow human beans,

I've spent months (years) on planning the Muslimness website and alhamdulillah, it's taken off mucho well. In saying that, I'm a wee bit overcome by the strangers' kindnesses who also agree the Muslimness concept is nifty, and want a piece of the imaan pie.

Muslimness.com is primarily a networking site which in layman's terms means if I see something totally brilliant and backed by ethical values, I will promote it for others to see. Hence the motto "shameless promotion". I also have (*EDIT: did have) a global team of writers backing me up; from convert Muslims, professional journalists, fashionistas and wise elders.

I designed a collection of cartoony caricatures of The M Team (the Muslimness writers) that take eons to create, and mean that I need to stare into some friend/stranger's photo face for hours to replicate their awesome handsome looks. This is no easy task. My thumbs nearly snapped off. *twiddles thumbs in air to replicate click*

This is where I rant
Oh, aha! Here's a riddle for you - What goes around, up, down, makes the world spin, stop and provides the universe with power? ... Money.

Paper or coin, it's something we invented for trading product, ideas and power. Support and dua' are one thing, a trading of pleasantries to get over me - completely another. I do not particularly wish to depend on the kindness of strangers. And The Fisabilillah Card will have to be backed up.

So without intending to read arrogant, if you would like to loyally join Muslimness insha'Allah as a contributing writer - wahey! Send me an email at contact@muslimness.com and I'll throw down some ground rules and a writers' pack. It is voluntary (for now) and comes with a little deal of cross linking with some well known websites as well as becoming one of my favouritest people ever.

If you're thinking 'Eh, writing?! No way! I want me one of those phoar cartoons FREE!' - I tell you now I cannot live on free. I charge an hourly rate as requests for work are additional commissions and nothing to do with Muslimness or any other project I am part of. While I would honestly love to break my fingers to replicate all your beauties, some paper and coins have to pay the bills, get grub and put a roof over my aching head.

Your choice. Be a part of Muslimness.com, support Muslimness.com or pay up front. Cheques or Paypal please.

Find us on facebook.com/MuslimnessMedia and twitter.com/Muslimness.


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  1. As salaamu alaikum Behn Zaufishan - I just wanted to say, that I am super proud of you on a personal level (as far that can go online :-) ) and also just as a fellow Muslim going through life's journey. I'm just so in love with Muslimness and the efforts that you and hte rest of the team have given thus far and though I will, for now, remain as a commenter and never request an avatar,hehe; I do hope though, that one day I will be able to contribute to my local Ummah and maybe even the greater Ummah one day, once I become an established member of both,where I can use my knowledge and experience to positively influence my colleagues and peers. I only wish the utmost success for this and future ventures - I'm literally in awe of all this and I'm just over-the-moon that I am a part of it, even if only in the comment section. To sum up, Awesomely awesome and ma'sha'allah!


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