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Y half a pair

You there Man XY & brother Where are you learning for

From a woman's womb placenta cold Irreversible attachment

Am I deformed Am I calling or signing for saving skin

You Man Fickle & pitiful Turn your lens Too much light only scorches

I walk this way understood Youre falling unlearned child

Your apparent nakedness consumed my drifting drape

Ape like barbarian wanting what you cannot have I forbid you

Avert your attention Devilish blue eyes burning through fabric and flesh

Despicable Disgusting Stop grinning You Man

This is not a man Fool Devoid of all reason and bowing to your loins Dust sticks

What shell were you given Homo What sense did you learn Erectus

Painful glares The barrier is up but youre pushing

through Back Back I scream

Move or else fire eat you Save it or I kill it

You crawl for flaws Look its your relinquished grace thats lost You Man

Made to yearn urge Black and sooty soul defiled thing

Atoms and cells spit in your being

You Closed in Fury and flames emit in electromagnetic

fields Does it burn Has your control melted

You Vile man Speaking in tongues a fakir of lies Attention seeking

predator Dance rituals

Red hot bile flows up Slash it at you Cut off your face

Elegance mocks you Man Stumbling and stumped

Walk straight that way guided Fiend Lower your

hands Blue loudly urging Lower it

Secretly looking Mutters What lies under that What could it be A woman,

from my ribs Strange and yielding

That is she Half of you Your womb XX Fully wrapped gently teased into a

post mortem Your sharp tongue and wicked direction You Evil man Friend of Red

A sign in black reads 'No Dogs Allowed' Not directed at the four legged beasts

Slow Walking in herds Cattle driven by a pulsating staff

Heaven wants its serpent back




  2. That was so good, you should write more when you hate men! loool

  3. Wow, that was DEEP my Sista'. I loved the biological/medicalk references . . . Yeah I can feel the hatin' towards us XY's (Beel! once again, naughty girl!), but I'll just continue to be the exception :-P . . . I will continue to shower mercy upon the gentle yet strong creatures that emanated from our ribs, with whom we are not complete, without whom we would go insane, our garments that cover our many flaws, under whose feet we find Paradise, and whose wombs nurture us until we enter this imperfect world, which is only made bearable by their soft words, tortuous glances and comforting embrace, all of this, by and from the Grace and Mercy of our common Creator. :-)


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