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Dasham Brookins - Spoken word poet like no other brother

Tell me you have heard or read of Brother Dash? You have? Excellent. Then my bragging and masha'Allahs should not go to waste.

Dasham Brookins aka Brother Dash is the internationally cool Spoken Word Poet whose latest album, Spoken Soul, punches the underbelly of the sleeping American Muslim.

As a ha-yooj (huge) fan I can assure viewers this is no easy poetry. It's subtle in places, kind, but the overall tone of rhetoric wakes you up to rethink "Muslim" situations and identities. You're left thinking, is this really what I'm supposed to be doing as a Muslim?

Dasham Brookin's site is regularly updated, full of clips, poetry and a cool 'ChaiPod'. {BrotherDash.com}

Find Dash is on Facebook.com/BrotherDash with a fan club. Yayy. See you at a Dash-poetry-jam-event soon.

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