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T-shirt printing

I missed my humble truckload of t-shirt designs from the last few years. 'Time to print' said I. However, with a lack of screens & a cold studio the printing was done old school...

  • Design scaled & printed to A4 for use with light box. Transferring isn't a guarantee due to the time for drying & smudged effect; patience isn't a virtue I abide by. Plus, the design would have to be reversed.

  • Light box decided to commit suicide. So a quick alternative - and really old school - pricking the design onto the tee.

  • Inking the 'holey' design onto the tee created minor errors but nothing that can't be fixed.

  • The design after black fabric ink was applied. It's a test of a steady hand when painting by eye. Another not-so minor error occurred too. I used a size 0 brush for the finer details and dropped it on to the tee. Drat. Tipp-ex may work...

  • The final design with turquoise & black ink. This was fixed with a blummin' hot iron. The smudge was sucked out with swabs but the stains are still visible.

  • And the final t-shirt on a bribed model. *Thank you*. Not bad for a trail run.
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