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Wall Panel - Inspired by Whitby

  • A 3-panel embroidered textile piece for client expecting to hang the panels in her Whitby home; her specifications included lots of intricate embroidery and beadwork, large blue-silver pieces inspired by the ocean, sea, sun rays and sea life.

  • Quick pencil sketch to illustrate design idea. Client approved. Wohoo!

  • Stage 1 - silk painting fabric (1mx2m). Note to self, making a DIY silk painting frame @ home with splintered wood aint such a hot idea.

  • Finished silk painting. Salt effect created by sprinkling sea salt onto newly painted area. Kitchen salt works well too!

  • The nearly-finished pieces (before backing). Embroidery is completely finished; more beadwork required.

  • Below: Close ups of embroidery (click to enlarge)

  • 'Sun' fused by fibres, metallic threads and soluble film

  • Finished panels. Stoopid camera has an extraordinary flash - this looks like it's been bleached. *Back to Photoshop*

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