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Creating A #Ramadan Kit In Isolation

When you're isolated, bored, lonely or down - get planning. Fasting will start in two weeks so here's some practical tips to make a Ramadan Kit nice and early.

Like everyone else in the UK, my reaction to the Coronavirus is to stay safe, maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene like a good Muslim.

As much as I think about the consequences of the virus I make dua it's easy for everyone, Allah is our Provider, Protector and All-powerful. We will succeed insha-allah.

Ramadan 2020 in 10,9,8...
Now, Ramadan is approaching in under 14-days-ish and my spiritual creative gene just went into 5th gear. Like, hold my paintbrush my hijab is about to fly off.

Immediately before Ramadan I don't want to faff about looking for my favourite books, my tasbih, dua books and so on and it's just stressful trying to keep a consistent attitude after that. So I designed a Ramadan Kit. Yayy!

Making A Ramadan Kit
A Ramadan Kit or hamper, call it what you will, is a little portable box to hold your Zikr essentials all in one place. You can store your children's story books or create a Ramadan activity box, maybe make an Iftar kit of Salawat and Wazifa to read each day. Up to you.

If you travel (stay home!), you can condense or if you have more than one reading spot at home, make another hamper for each room. One for the kids, your spouse, the mouse, etcetera.

I went through my storage containers/bins and have a surprising amount collected. They all have a purpose therefore nothing is extra or upgraded unless broken.

I use the purple fabric box for my son's night-time routine; he calls it his pyjama box and rightly so - we shove his PJ's, bedtime stories and colouring books in there.

The grey fabric bin was from Home Bargains and houses my headscarves so it could be used for the kit as I like the colour and handles.

My rose metal basket is durable and currently just a book container so this is will better for my Ramadan Kit.

A few container ideas.

I'd recommend checking what you have at home before spending anything. If I didn't have a basket myself, I would have recycled a cardboard box by lining and covering it with fabric. Or used the husband's Oud box(!). Do that.

To add extra protection to the basket I've found a blue printed Primark bag that I've rolled over the edge of it. This stops anything falling out and just looks more festive. See the main image above.

My son finding a story book.

In my Ramadan Kit I currently house the following items which are used daily in Shabaan.
  • Quran - medium print with labels to separate Surahs I read more often e.g. Surah Rahman, Mulk.
  • My Ramadan Planner from the Ramadan Legacy team. Good job guys.
  • Dalaailal Khayraat (Salawat book).
  • Small dua books.
  • My own hand written dua book from over 10 years. If I know you, your name is in this.
  • Muhammad, a Shamail translation by Aisha Bewly. The chapters are short and I read a section out loud each day for my son to hear.
  • Prayer mat. 
  • Random hijab.
  • And stationery/ post-its to set as book marks.

Ramadan Mubarak in advance to everyone. All my duas,

Zaufishan and family.

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