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Qur'an Studies: Surah An-Naas

Notes from a Quran Tafsir class I took over ten years ago.

Basic notes below:
  • Famously known as 1 of the 4 'Qul' Surahs.
  • Revealed in Makkah and relevant to all people.
  • Qul/say is a command from Allah, called "Fil Amr" in Arabic grammar.
  • Surah an-Naas is a complete Dua (apart from 'Qul'), and is read as a pair with Surah Al-Falaq to protect you from evil things.
  • Verses 1-2-3 are connected by Allah's Siffat (attributes).
  • 1: Rabbin-naas - The LORD of mankind
  • 2: Malikin-naas - The KING of mankind
  • 3: Ilaahin-naas - The GOD of mankind
  • These attributes go up in stages of power. Everyone can claim to be a lord of something. Fewer individuals have become kings of countries. But who dares to say they are God? Allah says only He Alone is the One True Lord, King and God of everything.
  • The retreating whisperer is Shaytaan.
  • Shaytaan's trick is to find a crack in your heart and whisper a lie or doubt into it and then run away.
  • He runs away because a solid Muslim will quickly call on Allah's name to remove any doubt.
  • Allah's beautiful name supersedes all others and has the power to hurt and burn Shaytaan.
  • Shaytaan is not always an invisible heart whisperer. He can morph his ideas into other Jinn accomplices and evil, horrible people who want to cause harm to you by gossiping, back-biting or threatening you.
  • Read this surah to avoid being threatened, scared, in doubt or feeling alone.

KEYWORDS: Naas, mankind. Sharri, evil. Waswas, to whisper. Jinn, invisible beings with souls.

Keep me in your duas. Allah bless you.

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