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`Ilmy Notes: Surat Al-Furqan, The Criterion

Course notes from 'Living With The Qur'an' course at Al-Markaz in Bradford, UK.
Read on quran.com, Surat Al-Furqan, The Criterion. Chapter 25: 77 verses 6 Rukuhs

Surah Themes
  • Revealed in Makkah
  • The aim of revelation is to warn people about the punishment of Allah. 
    • A reminder to evil people (you've met them) about the existence of Hell for those who deserve it. 
  • In this Surah Allah describes how people fell into idol worshipping
  • Prophets stories are mentioned: People's reactions to Prophet Muhammad `alayhis-salam, Musa, Nuh and his people who drowned, the people of `Aad and Thamud and the 'rain' of punishment.
  • Science: Solar heat, good wind, water barriers
  • The qualities of a good believer. CHECKLIST 
Section (Rukuh) 1+2. To Ayat 21
  • Ayah 1-3: ‘Blessed is He who sent down the Criterion… He has a Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. But how disappointing that some made partners for Him. BUT these people were created themselves.' Rhetorical question: Could such people resurrect themselves, create life or give death? (Ayah 3)
  • Ayah 4-8: They say the revelation is lies BUT it's they who commit injustices "Dhulman".
    • They claim its just stories, like fables, similar to a Christian attitude towards Prophet Musa. Say to them: It has been revealed and He knows every secret; He is forgiving. 
    • They replied: Did God send this prophet? This prophet eats, walks in markets, like a human. Why didn’t an ANGEL send the revelation?! <- being="" cocky="" li="">
    • Allah describes hows people fell into the idol worshipping. No benefit/harm/power/giving life/resurrection in these Shirkish people. The very same accusations given about Rasool-Allah. “if” he is a prophet, why not send an angel. Their faulty argument: that a messenger couldn’t be human.

    • REACTION: "Surely, this prophet is a magician." 

  • Ayah 9-11: Allah’s reply to the people to say Allah can do and create what HE wills and He could give you palaces but ‘they deny the Day of Judgement’. 
    • So a blazing fire is prepared for them "Sa`eer". #NameOfHell
    • Ayah 12: They will see Hellfire from a distant place: they will hear its roaring, "Zafeer" #NameOfHell
    • Allah describes the roar of fire, “roaring” and “furious” (Ayah 12). A loud noise.
    • Stupid mentality of people (like us) always looking at the wordly perspective of things.
    • Ayah 13: They are thrown into a narrow place and THEN they call for death!
  • Ayah 14: Don’t ask for death - angry response
  • Ayah 15: Say instead: Jannah is better for the righteous (Muttaqoon), and you would have got it
    • KEYWORD: "Muttaqoon" #WhoGoesToJannah
  • Ayah 16: Abide in Jannah forever and whatever they ask will be given (that's worth requesting). This is a promise from Allah meaning NO TAKE BACKS! Amazing Allah.
  • Ayah 17: What happens on #JDay: Allah will ask them, ‘Did you mislead the good people? Or did they mislead themselves?'
  • Ayah 18: (reply) 'No, we shouldn’t have added partners but YOU (Allah) provided comforts and they forgot the message.' 
  • Ayah 19: Whoever transgresses "Yadh-lim" will receive a great punishment
  • Ayah 20: Go back to Ayah 7
    • Last ayah of 18th Juz: (Ayah 20).
    • All messengers ate food; walked in markets. They're pious people.
    • LESSON: Messengers were sent before. Why are you criticising them for living normal lives? For being human? You Lord is watching everything.
    • Different types of people were sent as a test, you may be a test for someone else. Don’t you have patience at all...?

Section 3 – Ayah 21-34 (19th Juz begins here)
  • REACTION Ayah 21: The same old line "why weren't angels sent down?" 
  • Ayah 22: When they do see angels it won't make any difference for them
  • Ayah 23: Allah sifts through people's bad deeds
    • Allah says these evil deeds are like dust particles in sun – meaningless
    • #Hadith: People will bring mountain of good deeds and on #JDay everything will be lit up with Noor. Suddenly everything will be destroyed!! WHY? These people did not care about their earnings, their intentions, their eating, whether it’s Halal or Haram, doubtful etc., and it will DESTROY these good deeds.
    • LESSON: If your niyyah (intention) is not right, everything will get destroyed
  • Ayah 24: Jannah is a better place to settle
  • Ayah 25-26: The sky splits open and angels pour down in ranks. #JDay
  • At-Tammani, the Impossible Wish. Ayah 27-28: 
    • REACTION Mushrik say "Ya Layta!" "Oh I wish! That I had followed Rasool-Allah and made him my friend". 
    • Allah describes person biting their hands the way do when you get really nervous, no movement.
    • Ayah 28: Why did I make THOSE PEOPLE my friends?! Regret on J. Day. Grief. Very sad, thnking these out loud. Allah picturises these thoughts.
    • But that person took Shaytan as his friend. Who is Shaytaan? He will dump you like a bad habit, he is a deserter "Khadhoolan" (Ayah 28-29)
    • REACTION Ayah 29: This friend misguided me from the remembrance which came more than 1 time. Shaytaan leaves the person with fake hope, humiliated, degraded, disgraced, all negative meanings.
    • LESSON: Shirk-ish people don’t have the tactics to save themselves.
  • Ayah 30: Contrasting statement of Rasool-Allah salallahu `alayhi was-salam. He will say in the Court of Allah on #JDay: ‘My people left the Qur’an’. Allah will ask the people what they people. 
    • LESSON: Have you abandoned the Qur'an?
  • Ayah 31: Every prophet has had a public enemy. It comes with the job title. But Allah is a fantastic supporter
  • REACTION Ayah 32: They say "Why wasn't Qur'an revealed all at once?"
    • LESSON Qur’an was revealed gradually to give strength to Prophet Muhammad’s heart and he recited beautifully to impact hearts in transforming steps
Section 4 – Ayah 35
QASAS AL-ANBIYA: The Prophets Stories & Their People
  • Ayah 34: If you don't prostrate on Earth, you won't be comfortable on #JDay
  • Reaction to Muhammad: ‘Are you the messenger? Ridicule
  • Ayah 35-36: Adventures of Prophet Musa and his brother Haroon `alayhum salam
    • They have to go to people who reject the signs
    • PUNISHMENT But the Egyptian soldiers were destroyed in the end
  • Ayah 37: Prophet Nuh's adventures
    • PUNISHMENT They were definitely drowned
    • They were made a global sign
  • Ayah 38: 3 groups of people called `Aad, Thamud and people of the well
    • PUNISHMENT All 3 were totally destroyed for their arrogance
  • PUNISHMENT Ayah 40: A town was destroyed with 'a rain of evil'
  • REACTION Ayah 41: "Is that the prophet? Is that it? Really?"
    • "He (Prophet Muhammad) might have *misguided* us from all of our gods!" <- arrogance="" jahiliyah="" li="">
  • Ayah 43: Allah asks us. Dude, have you SEEN the idiot who takes his own desires as the god he worships? He's the centre of his world, have you SEEN him?! 
    • Watch out for people who make his own desires his god: “turning their own loves into their god, replacing desires with Allah”. He worships them. 
    • DYING FOR GUCCI: He/she will die for fashion, he'll disobey parents, steal, lie, hurt people just to get that one addictive thing. He will do anything for it.
  • Ayah 44: Shirk-ish people are like cattle
    • LESSON: No. They're worse than animals – why? Even anaimals listen when you warn them, these people don’t.
    • Command ‘Sit’ and the animals sit; command ‘come here’ animals comes. People will still be forgiven but they’re not even asking for forgiveness

Section 5 – Up to ayah 60
  • Ayah 45: Allah made the  sun  and the moving shadows #Creation
  • Ayah 47: Allah made the  night  as a type of clothing and time for rest. The day is naturally a type of resurrection
  • #ECOISLAM Ayah 48-49: Allah sends wind as glad tidings 
    • which brings coolness, breezes heat, disperses plant seeds.
    • And clean water from the sky – gives life to dead land, to thirsty cattle and men
    • Ayah 50: Fixed water is distributed to various people and places
  • Ayah 52: Use the Qur'an as your main source of ammunition for repelling hate
  • #ECOISLAM Ayah 53: One mass of water is fresh, sweet and the other is salty water; with barrier and probihition so that they 2 waters don't mix

    • Mufti Hassan has seen in Pakistan – 2 different rivers, 1 muddy, 1 like silver, very clean. Water flows side by side without mixing. Two colours can be seen. That is ‘Wa Hadha milHun ijaajun wa ja`ala baynahum…’
    • Ayah 54: Even humans are created from water
  • Ayah 55: If you reject Allah, you become Shaytan's assistant
  • Ayah 56: RasoolAllah was only sent as a warner and to bring good news
    • He doesn't ask for payment
  • Ayah 58: Rely one the one who does not die
  • Ayah 59: Allah created the universe in 6 days "Sittati ayyamin"
  • Ayah 60: Prostrate to the Rahman! Question...“Who is that?”
Section 5+6 – To Ayat 77
  • #Creation Ayah 61: Allah made sky, stars, luminous moon – Signs are mentioned
  • Ayah 62: Night and day – to be grateful and work and live
  • LESSON: Ayah 63: Qualities of the believers are described
    • Excellent manners and walk modestly  
    • Ayah 64: Spend time at night worshipping (not on X-Box) 
    • Ayah 67: Don’t spend excessively  
    • Ayah 65: Make Du`a' to avoid Hell 
    • Ayah 68: Don’t commit adultery or ask 'gods' for help  
    • Ayah 70: They repent for their sins and turn to Allah (action!)  
    • Ayah 72: Pass by lies with dignity  
    • Ayah 73: They don't ignore the Qur'an verses 
    • Ayah 74: Make Du`a: Grant us pious children  
  • LESSON: Adultery is a major sin and as bad as committing Shirk. BUT the reward of the good people who, after committing a sin, turn to Allah with regret, make the intention to improve, renew and refresh their Imaan and keep doing righteous actions consistently. FOR THEM: REWARD
  • Ayah 75: Good people are rewarded with a 'chamber' "Ghurfatun"
    • They receive greetings of peace
    • They live in Heaven eternally, happy, settled, stable
  • FINAL REACTION Ayah 77: Think about it. Why would Allah care for you if you didn't make du`a' - yet He still cares for everyone/even liars
    • #Taubah: When a person repents, what happens?
    • Sometimes Allah removes a sin from your register. Sometimes repentance is so sinecre, so devoted, you're emotionally crying to Allah, what does Allah give him? ‘Yubaddulllah… Hasaanat’. Allah doesn’t just tipp-ex the sin, He converts them into good deeds. That’s up to the Abd-Allah to ask Him.
    • #Hadith. RasoolAllah spoke to a young man, ‘what did you do at nigh?’ He said, "I was emotional and cried on earth." The Prophet's reply: All the angels in Heaven cried too. 
    • LESSON: Cry for Allah's love not for worldly things.

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