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Habib Ali al-Jifri: 'Rubbish - This Is What Will Become Of Us Without Protection For Our Women (Video)

Our beloved teacher, Habib Ali al-Jifri speaks the truth from Islam about eliminating the prejudices against women. Stop talking about how Islam liberated women he says, start dealing with the real problems for Muslim women. Forced marriages, rape in family homes, molestation, abuse and homelessness - these are realities which occur, as stated, not in third-world countries, but on our doorsteps.

A transcript of most of Habib al-Jifri's talk has been provided by the user Samielm on YouTube. Jazakallah ehsaan.

"To the men, especially those who are religious - before looking right and left, look at yourself. How do you view women? Your night prayers, your daily fasts, your memorization of scripture, your charity, your pilimigrage, your knowledge and your teaching, your struggles for the sake of God - everything you do - won't get you to a point where you are something before God if you don't let all of that pass through the gateway of benevolence to women.

There are people who still teach things that are falsehoods that they brought with them from their home cultures - where they treat a woman like she is just a commodity. We have to stop running away from the reality of our problems. There are Muslim women being raped inside their homes.
There are Muslim women being raped by their relatives. And it looks like the mistreatment is changing from isolated cases to a phenomena. Is this true or not?
These aren't the words of human rights activists - the Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam said that 'the best of you of is the best to his family. And I am the best to my family.'

The Prophet made the measure of goodness in this life, tied to your goodness to women.
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But our communities try to run away from these problems. They hide their heads in the sand. And when a woman speaks out to demand her rights, she is silenced. When the scholar in the mosque finds himself in a position where he cannot actually do anything to stop what is happening to her, she goes to the courts to get her rights - and the community looks at her like she is betraying them. Is this true or not?

And so the victim becomes the criminal. And the person who gives the stamp of approval is a scholar of faith? Why then would we find it strange that a generation would come out that would leave the faith? Why do you find it strange when a Muslim woman goes to get her rights from other organizations? You haven't given her any protection. You haven't given her dignity. You haven't given her respect.

And you want her to carry on accepting this?

And the biggest crime is that you justify this, saying that it is the command of God?

If the Muslim community doesn't take serious steps - starting from the mosque before anywhere else - in executing God's command and the advice of the Prophet, in giving women their rights - if that is neglected and overlooked, if people do not want to acknowledge it and treat this malady, people will stand in God's presence on Judgment Day and God will judge them not just for them, but he will judge them for the generation that has lost faith because of them.

Enough of this talk about Islam giving women their rights and freeing women - yes, Islam did that, but the question is not whether Islam did that or not, the question is why we are not implementing faith in that regard. Why is it just left to sermons or as a means of self defense in the media, against those who criticize us from rights organizations?

Oh scholar, put yourself in the shoes of the girl who is abused. When she comes running to you, you only speak in defense of Islam and what it says about the rights of women. But when she goes to the rights organizations, she finds that they are defending her. 

So who do you think she'll turn to?

I'm sorry for the long sermon, but after what I heard from the sister, I cannot be quiet about this. The wound has become septic, and it needs to be opened and cleaned. And we want you, the women, to start with that.

I want to see women's rights activists who are Islamic jurists, and who understand the law. They'll stand and they'll take their rights, with the command of God and of His Prophet."

Link to video {http://youtu.be/fZG6ibK8mwo}

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