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Photos: Swings And Parks And Flowers And Boys

Date: July 2011
Venue: Greenhead Park, Yorkshire, England
Attendees: I, siblings and people
Objective: To frolic

We sat on swings.

We considered picking flowers but I knew it would hurt them. So we didn't.

We stalked skater boys.

We reflected.

A sweet middle-aged couple sat on a bench did a little more than reflecting, if y'know what I mean.

We jiggimajiggied on a jiggimajigger.

We slid on slides.

We flew.

And we rode bikes. Well, they rode bikes, I watched out of a concern of ripping a newly bought moderately priced jilbaab.

Twas nice. Like toffee covered popcorn. Alhamdulillah.


  1. You are just plain ol' wonderful.

  2. Love these posts! So endearing and just luvle' . . ma'sha'allah.


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