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As a fairly new organisation, Muslim House is an online forum community created to provide users specialist resources on relationship matters. Check out how they can help you.

"As Muslims we are no different from any other segment of society when it comes to relationships. Some of us are engaged in truly loving and fulfilling relationships, but others unfortunately have it difficult. And yet for others, relationships that ought to bring us happiness and enrich our lives, or relationships that started off great now cause great pain and anguish.

The primary aim of MuslimHouse.org is to provide a forum for people to talk about the problems they are experiencing in their relationships, and to provide support from the collective experience that members possess.

Did you have a difficult childhood? How did you cope? Tell us about it!
Did you go through a hellish divorce and make it out the other end?
Did someone rip your life apart? From where and how did you get the strength to pick up the pieces and get back on your feet again?

When you were going through a difficult time, how did you keep your sanity? What worked for you, and what didn't?

We hope that by sharing these stories, this forum will become a source of support and advice for those who are still in difficult relationships and don't know which way to go."

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