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Quick message to the online Ummah:

Bismillah, in the name of Allah,

As-salam`alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.

I shall be live today at 2.30pm GMT on Inspire FM (105.1), a local Muslim community radio station in Luton, on the Arts and Culture show that's hosted every Sunday by one spectacular sister Shemiza Rashid.

*Last week we heard the author of an Islamic Calligraphy graffiti book, Ahmad Hussain and Muslim comedian Shazia Mirza; next Sunday, April 24th the show will present sister Na'ima B. Robert, Editor of Sisters Magazine.

We shall be talking about all things: Muslim creativity, the Muslim blogosphere, hijabs and niqabs, language, 
Muslimness.com, Muslim women in the arts, The Eco Muslim and a couple of other interesting topics as both Shemiza and I begin to go off on one tangent or another.

I realise this is short notice but if you want to listen in to today's full show log online at 2pm and click the listen live button:  http://inspirefm.org/default.asp/.

I personally make du`a it goes smoothly, that we represent good Muslimness and that I don't accidentally cuss on live radio... !

Support Inspire FM: {http://inspirefm.org/default.asp}
Find Inspire FM on Facebook: {www.facebook.com/inspirefmfanpage}

Shukran, wasalam`alaikum warahmatullah.


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  1. Oho! I read this too late, would have liked listening in :)

  2. Apologies; just posted the details today. Hopefully I'll have the recording insha'Allah from Inspire FM, which will be posted on http://www.muslimness.com (: Nice to meet you, hamdulillah.

  3. The radio show is being repeated this Wednesday 20th April at 1pm insha'Allah. I'll see if I can bribe the station to send me a recording too. *legalities, oye*

    Details here::


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