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Write to detainees with me. Please.

I've been saying for weeks that I write to Muslim prisoners & detainees around the world for solidarity, and that anyone interested in supporting them can also write. Better yet, write your own postcards or letters and co-sign my letters with me for greater numbers. There is strength in numbers.

Detainees and prisoners are not usually allowed publications but photocopies of books and magazines are allowed. Try to send positive messages without making it sound like you're an angry criminal.

Take down the following addresses, write a short non-political positive note and send. It will cost you very, very little and bring the detainees great peace and comfort.

Here are the Muslim brothers and sisters I write to:

The following are at HMP Manchester, 1 Southall Street, Manchester, M60 9AH

  • Babar Ahmad A9385AG
  • Syed Talha Ahsan A9438AG
  • Amar Makhlulif A9433AG
  • Omar Othman A7986AG
  • Adel Abdel Bary A8073AG

Monsieur Rachid RAMDA, 92 1989, Div 2/15, MA Fresnes, Allée des Thuyas, 94261 Fresnes Cedex, France

Sisters in USA

  • Maryam Uloho #464534, LCIW
PO Box 26
St. Gabriel, LA. 70776, USA
  • Angelika Jones #60059-066, FPC Danbury, 33 1/2 Pembroke Station, Danbury CT 06811, USA
  • Naida Boucher #790043, Washington Corrections Center, 9601 Bujacich Rd NW, Gig Harbor WA 98332, USA
  • Naquasia Pollard #04G0438, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Po Box 1000, Bedford Hills NY 10507, USA

Notice* Detainees from Long Lartin have been moved to Manchester! Urgh. Read more about that on HHUGS.

To get more involved in such volunteering activism, check out the ideas on Cage Prisoners.



  1. Okay, this comment has nothing to do with your post, I just needed to say THANK YOU because your comment on my blog cheered me up and your webpage is VOW. VOw, okay? I love your blog. Thanks again =D

  2. Designerbyfitrah05/11/2010, 03:25

    SubanAllah I clicked on your URL because I thought hey! Another muslim
    Female designer I'd like to read her stuff!... and now I find myself writing down the adresses above to send support to detainees! May Allah (swt) reward you for your post!

  3. @Designer - May Allaah reward you MORE for helping others. Do come back for coffee & cookies! (:

  4. @Maryam, vow? Vow? Yai kohn si ajeeb zubaan hai? Shukran for your reply. Glad you're well. I'll be back soon ia. (=

  5. salam
    are the above addresses all current? thanks in advance


Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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