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"Bradfordians" {comic 51}

I'm stereotyping but you should be able to see what I'm dealing with.

Bradfordian • adj. slightly disrespectful title given to residents of Bradford, UK, especially its Indo-Pak citizens.

Bradfordian alpha males have a distinct accent, hair styles and priorities, usually (1) ritual video gaming, (2) ritual socialising and (3) education/ profession and, whether he be financially independent, or still living with parents, the seeking of an alpha female. Bradfordian men are intimidated by me. I do not know why.

Bradfordian alpha females display similar traits to African-American women in that they dominate their tribes, instigate match-making and food-gatherings and propagate smaller Bradfodians, regularly and in large quantities. Bradfordian women ask me very personal questions and try to arrange dates with the single men they know. I dislike this.

I had the pleasure of working with, being taught by and befriending many Bradfordians, all of whom I adore and "pyaar se" call Bradfordian. You know I love you really. Just, like, go easy with da lingo man, innit, 'ya get me bruv? Nah?



  1. why is 'bradfordian' a slightly disrespectful title especially to its indo/pak citizens?? Im interested to hear the reasoning... Im a scouser myself, thats who I am.. I also know many 1st and 2nd generation 'non english' who associate themselves with their cities.. why wouldnt they?? Are you saying that the older generation find it disresepctful because they are 'indian' or 'pakistani'???

  2. @Ammena - Such terms can be taken as offensive; I was highlighting that. I mean no disrespect however and I did mention that I call the homies Bradfordians, Londoners, Injins or Cowboys out of love. Older generations are not called by such terms! Now that would be rude, esp. when one can call them sidi, sir, brother, sister etc.
    ps. Scouser - isn't that kinda degrading? Along with chav? Hmmm...

  3. but when you are talking about where a person is from 'this scouser was in the shop talking about blah blah' and you want to make a point of where the person is from judging by the accent you wouldnt say 'this uncle was in the shop' cause the uncle could be from anywhere.. obviously to an older persons face you wouldnt say 'you bradfordian' lol :) I dont find scouser degrading.. its where Im from, just as much as when I was living in Canada I didnt find brit degrading.. its not about putting someone down because of where they are from, its about stating a fact!! Chav, from what I know of the meaning (I wasnt living here when the word was invented) is more of an opinion.. but is totally different from Geordie, Brummie, Scouser, Cockney or whatever slang word you would use for the city you have an accent from.


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