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A Halal Kitchen: Baking and Saving Ramadan Gingerbread Men

Every Ramadan I bake gingerbread men as part of my 'thankfulness' towards other human beans. It's not saving lives as such; fundraising through them generates enough ker-ching for my orphanage plans, and people genuinely like receiving them. It's my edible good deed. And this is how I makes'em.

Even though I'm fasting from all things scrumptious, the pungent gingery fragrance tells me they're just right. The dough is rolled out and designated to recipients like angels to a soul.

Baked through, the gingerbread men are semi-nude and need modesty

I should have rethought the colour scheme. Kufis made from lime green royal icing ain't that hot.

*Insert dialogue from Bollywood movie Sholay (SUUIICIIIDE!)
See..? More like cerulean halos than manly kufis. Bleurgh. Oh well.
Batch three done... Onto wrapping, labelling and posting out to speshul peepul.

Need the gingerbread recipe? How To Make Gingerbread Men

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