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What my father did to my mother's car

Ummi: When are you going to post those letters?
Abi: Ok, ok, I'm going now.
Ummi: Drive carefully on your way out.
Abi: You know I do, what're you telling me for?
Ummi: I mean, DRIVE SLOWLY out of the drive, don't skid and puhlease wear a seatbelt. You've been fined two times already this year.
Abi: sigh I said o.k. Where are my keys?
Ummi: . . .
Abi: I've got them! I've got them! Oh-my-gosh! A man can't even ask his wife for help!
Ummi: Watch your back when you're reversing.
Abi: Yes, yes... Salam'alaikum.
Ummi: Wa'alaikum salam.

12.5 seconds later: kerrrr-rang! Krash-vroomph! BANG!

The back door won't open at all. On closer inspection it's a pretty bad and avoidable knock in considering there was over 200ft of drive to turn in. Well done Abi.

Ummi: You're paying for that.
Abi: I will be...

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1 comment:

  1. Aww, go easy on your Abi! hehe. Yeah, we men are like this, what can one do . . . . *sigh*


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