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Work updates: Suhaib Webb.com

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

The best Webb site on the www hands down is Suhaib Webb.com.

I'm an editor for Suhaib Webb which means awesome fantastical articles by very, very intelligent Muslims sift through my fingers and mind for touch ups. I'm not very adept at it but if I were to summon up an analogy, go with me on this: in my editing, when those well written first drafted pieces come to me, I'm like the make-up artist for supermodels, the food stylist, taking pitchers of fine cuisine, the decorator to famous cribs and the duff to a well paced Dawud Wharnsy chune.

Ego stroking is mundane.

Let me share the 'edited-by-zaufishan' pieces:
Musa عليه السلام & Safurah: A courtship, a romance - The Bollywood movie references, that was my doing. The remaining 99.998% of the article is by Hena Zuberi.

Power of the Tongue, by Imam Mustafa Umar. I like the lines: "In a world where politicians, talk show hosts, entertainers and gossipers never seem to stop talking, Islam reminds us that the tongue is like a loaded weapon: the safety latch should always be on... The tongue has so much power because of its ability to lead to action, whether it is the individual speaking, or others who are listening. It is because of this power that the safety on this weapon should remain on, but it is also because of this power that those who are in a position to do so should aim with it, and shoot."

What would Mariam do? by Muslema Purmul al-Azhariya. Beautiful and touching, the story of Maryam, mother of Isaa.

The writers range from the sweet Yasmin Mogahed, Jinan Bastaki, Omar Zarka, Reehab Ramadan *hey Reehab* and Imam Suhaib Webb.

Read more, comment and subscribe to www.SuhaibWebb.com.

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  1. Theveiledbump29/06/2010, 01:56

    Salam. omg you edit for Sheik Suhaib. I haven't seen him in forever. He used to teach my fifth grade class in oklahoma city oklahoma. He was a great teacher! Mashallah!

    And online islamic learning is great! I attend islamicau from michigan. Its enjoyable!

  2. Indeed, Imam Webb's blog is the best on the www. I absolutely LOVE Sr. Yasmin's contributions to the site. Simply awesomeness.


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