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A "Versatile Blogger Award" for me

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

How cute. Only women do this. Give other 'awards' that is. Example: I see a complete strange woman and award her on behalf of the female species for something that makes her 'unique', a 'strong woman' and then she'll in overly-sensitive consideration compliment me on how 'fabulous my co-ordinated outfit with matching shoes' are. Dude, what's all that about? And if you've ever been kidnapped by those Muslim women groups, Ya Allah, watch out for their performance of the group-hug-air-kiss-and-kiss-each-cheek-three-times-before-asking-personal-questions, which is so inappropriate with other humans beans watching and being corrupted.

Then we take it one step further. We give other 'awards' online... It's cool, alhamdulillah. I mean, it is an ego boost. It shows that out fanciful words are not only self-centred rants but words of wisdom (or homemade cartoons) in which others find some use. (But really, it is a girl thing.)

Sister 'Autumn Twig' from Pakistan shared a "versatile blog award" and included me in the pickings. Yayy. Mein bohat, bohat, khush hoon. Nahi, mein vesay keh rahi hoon...

She's quite the crafter, 'Autumn Twig'. Women do that too. I mean, so do I. I have a crafts business I began aged 17 which is very feminine, all fabrics, paints, machinery, handsaws, goggles, chemicals and.. well, perhaps not very feminine but my point still stands.

Women like to decorate things. Why? Make life pinker. Whaffor? Take things that are organised and organise them again. And say words like cute, yayy, awmigod, fabulous. And Muslim women add the additional sistah, love you for Allah's sake (they don't really, they say this to shut me up), ohmyallah, yo girly, hun, babe...

NB: I refuse to follow the rules of the girly thing, also is this limited to women only? But in good spirit I hereby nominate the following awesome individuals for their work:
  1. Leb' Dein Leben - Juliana. Because she's beautiful.
  2. Friendly Neighbourhood Hijabi - Sharifaa from "Landan". Because she's 16.
  3. Mama, I married a Masri - Ange. Because she's married and knocked up.
  4. Catholic Hijabi/ Hepburn Girls - Samantha. Because she's nice.
  5. Muslimology - Dawud. Because it's spiritual.
  6. Saad Malik. Because it's Tumblr.
  7. Majed's Blog. Because he has my surname.
  8. Alya Nuri - Indiana. Because she reminds me of her mother.
  9. Ice Blended Vanilla - Indonesia. Because she dresses up for pitchers.
  10. Organica - USA. Because she's ethical.

So yayy @ award. JazakAllah fellow Pakistani - we foreigners must stick together ukhti. Awhmigod is that the time?! You guys take care of yo-fabulous-selves and I'll see ya's laters. Stay cute.


Zaufishan's Muslimness


  1. Ahh gee, thanks there kiddo. Jazaka Allahu khayran. And may Allah make me better than what you say. :)

    Verily, your blog and hyper-activeness make me feel less alone in the crowd of muslim enthusiasts for the arts. :)

    I have a few similar posts like the ones on your blog, (Dhikr notes, Dhikr Bracelet) I did long time ago. Not nearly as creative as yours, but the basic idea is there. Mashallah, your energy is inspiring. :D

  2. Mabrook on the award!!

    Sr. Alya Nuri just rocks! Saw an awesome interview that she had on the Deen Show not too long ago.


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