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Organisation Rules

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

When you become Muslim one of the major life skills you learn is to structure each day with organisation. It's a solid-to-the-core attribute of Islam that demands 24hr awareness and discipline.
  • There are five pillars that act as stabilisers to routine, shaping each year.
  • Each day is clocked like a work shift, divided by the obligatory prayers.
  • During fasting in Ramadan, hours are treated like minutes where Muslims try to cram in universal duties of regular charity work, balanced temper and fitness regimes.
  • Islam itself is based on a primary source - the Quran, and a secondary source - the ahadith (prophetic teachings). No matter which 'type' of Muslim you meet in whichever 'sect' on any part of Earth, that Muslim will testify allegiance to only those sources.
Organisation is a heavy principle in Islam. My Muslim family take it very seriously too.

My Mother stood in the kitchen hands on hips, headscarf tied back on head, in front of open cabinet drawers and around 2 dozen empty plastic lidded containers, piled in towers, quivering.

Usually when you see a general addressing his army you retreat, unless it's your general in which case you get in line and pay attention like it was your last day. My Mother here in front of her soldiers was practising her rule number one for life: ORGANISATION is to plan for SUCCESS. I never really equated organising socks and biscuit tins to triomphe but I'm not my mother.

The thing is, once you've organised the little things like the pen pots, the shoes and bills, when the bigger things attack that organisation pays off. Practising organisation more over as a human bean eventually helps to lay plans for the greater events in life. For the things that can't be planned for, there are still back up plans and reliable routines to fall back on, such as prayer.

After a gruelling 3-4 hours of my mother's hard labour the cabinet drawers were alligned with ready to battle jars and tubs, all labelled and ordered according to rank, spice and flavour.

It's not exactly a life plan but when I need to refill on crushed chillies, I know exactly where to go.

Does anyone else have successful OCD organisation habits?

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  1. I'm very disorganized. So, I'm EXTREMELY impressed with people that could organize. Wish I'm one too. :(


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