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T-shirt expansion time

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

T-shirts are becoming the renewed form of expression. Many a hijabi and Muslim man will don those motto'ed ones that say something clever like 'stop staring at my chachas, it's haram' or 'call me Akh'.

I also have a thing for t-shirts. They are great for shameless promotion but above that, they make excellent PDOs - potential dawah opportunities - and are dead comfy.

Over the last year I've become attached to one of the - if not the - best t-shirt company: Profound Aesthetic. Read my Link Love review below. So in the cause of modesty and all things wise I give you the tees my eye eyed:

The Concept: Sometimes it's the people who you least expect that make the largest impact on you. Inspiration can be found in all sorts of places. The ironic imaginary of a homeless man projecting the wisest words is ironic, and often it takes irony for something to really be understood. The definition of life is so subjective; to some it may be material success, to others it's learning the ways of the world. Whatever your definition may be, one thing's for sure, life is what you make it; the world is yours and when you reflect back on it like a movie, make sure it's worth watching. Every day is a gift. As this t-shirt will be.

'Dream in Colour' (I simply mUst Use the U)

The Concept: Aristotle said, "The soul never thinks without an image." Well, a dream doesn't exist without one either. The symbolic beauty in this tee lies in the power of our dreams and to add "color" makes it that more meaningful. Every dream, big or small starts with a single thought, an emotional connection, a visual picture, but to bring it to life gives it meaning. Dream big, not in the material sense of big, but with the belief in yourself, your abilities and follow through with action. Dream. Vision. Reality. That's what it's all about. Make things happen, every journey starts with a single step. Unless you own a car.

This. This is deep.

'It is, what it is' Fee-hee maa fee-hee

The Concept: A bold statement by one of the most famous poets of all time: Rumi, an individual who spoke about love in every format known to man. In his work, he said it best, "Fi hi ma fi hi" translated as, "It Is What It Is". Sometimes in life you must accept things for what they are, learn to change the things you have control on and excel at everything you do. This statement is powerful, not a sense of hopelessness but a way to reflect on the way things have been gifted to man. Life is beautiful. Make it count. I shall use this tee to say 'it's easier said than done'.

Off to buy'em all inshaAllah. Ciao. BUY YOUR OWN ON PROFOUND AESTHETIC.

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