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Muslim Environmentalist (doodle)

Drawing isn't my particular "forte" although I do like to dabble with crayons and pixels.

This environmentalist cartoon was a 30 second doodle to accompany a guest article about Climate Change on my {Muslimness} blog.

Such silly sketches became part of my recent interview with Gazelle Media.co.uk. They asked how one woman, one Muslim woman can contribute to society, what obstacles 'she' faces that perhaps a Muslim man wouldn't, and what the future held for such a "discriminated" group. I vented much but kept composure most of the time. I'll explain how I "helped the environment" with Gazelle Media over on my ranting blog {Zaufishan.co.uk}.

Deep down, deep deep down, I am an eco-aware Muslim environmentalist. I try not to waste wudhu (ablution) water, I throw everything into the back garden compost heap, and if I could I'd recycle a lot more too, including a few family members that are beginning to spiritually decompose *devilish smirk*.

In case you didn't know I work on the most environmentally friendly website based in the Middle East: Green Prophet.com.


Zaufishan.com Toodle-doo

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