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Light Niche

Living Islam is becomming a hot topic for me. Well, it was a kh'amazingly beautiful uniting and culturally enlightening experience. Like a 'mini-heaven', as Dawud Wharnsy called it. Didn't I mention Dawud Wharnsy was there? Him, and Khaleel Muhammad, and Hamza Robertson, and Sarah Joseph and Batool... *name dropping shamelessly*.

Anywho, one person who was of particular interest was Saba Rifat. She was next to my stall and we exchanged salamings. Her work is based on exquisite calligraphy and intricate geometry. I got a picture of her cards and wall panels:

I bought a couple of cards from Saba's Light Niche stall, including [this card].

A group of friends and I recently sent that card to a detained sister Maryam Uloho in the US. *mad*

Click images for close ups.

You should really check out Saba Rifat's work on her website LIGHT NICHE.
Beautiful, isn't it?

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  1. so nice
    ((In a time of lies, truth becomes a revolutionary act,...from p coehlho))

  2. Indeed, her work is beautiful! I love how you are so artsy Zaufishan! It's great to see Muslims getting involved with art work. I think Islam in particular is a Faith where, we can make Halal pieces, as so much artistry is relfecled in the our Houses of worship without fail, so this should be a strong "banner" for us, as it makes us appreciate both the talent that Allah has given you and Sr. Saba for example, as well even the mathematics that go into it, which itself is part of the laws of Allah and nature (as much as I hate physics, I do appreciate it in that respect).
    I shall put Light Niche on my blog link list :-)


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