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Designing business cards (II)

Incidentally I designed this card before the {Muslimness} card.

Anywho... Working like it's 610AD!

I have a set of 1000+ business cards that are 'expired' in business terms, i.e. they're crap. While their design is visually cool (I'll have to find it otherwise this description doesn't make sense), I can't be dishing out 'out-of-date' useless information. I can do that for free!

Sooo, business card design numero uno, but (2) online.

- Details listed, I asked for help with a job description but didn't get far...

- A test page is printed
- My Mini-CV/Resume is defective but I'm keeping it as is (qualified? human? bah!)

- The card designs are printed with a laser printer (faster) in standard printing quality because handmade paper is used (like the Muslimness cards)

- Highest printing quality isn't needed, they're business cards not wedding invitations; shoddy economic printing will also waste production and not show up clearly on rough textured card/paper

- The final card
- They're my current details, blog, twitter thing, email etc. Oh, I forgot the telephone number *blast it!* BUT, I don't use it anyway so no loss.
When people want my attention they usually chuck stuff at me.

- My tag line makes even myself smile. I heard someone say 'we were praying like it was 610AD!' and I've nabbed it.

Peace & respect. Promoting like it's 610AD!

Zaufishan.com Toodle-doo

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  1. that's a great idea i'm with the recycling thing , i have just one coment the idea of the cv is great maybe this could be in the back side of the card and about the front maybe you should just write the mean adress site coz it has a lot of text...you lose the interest on it....i mean the most simple the better....its my non profecional oppinion ok.. but well done


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