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Mughal Gown Development

Eliminating the weird and bizarro ideas left me with this outfit. My aim is to use most of the Jacquard paisley fabric for the skirt and bodice.

It still needs massive tweaking however, I would take up the length and add beadwork or embroidery to the hem... Will go back to thinking tree for inspiration.

This design includes full length sleeves (I'm Muslim), permanent stitched pleats into the arm sleeves and dress hem, a two layered neck arch opening to cover skin (...still Muslim) and a matching green satin headscarf (a female Muslim I am).

(click for a close up)

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!


1 comment:

  1. Mashallah your gown looks stunning sis...i love the green and let us know what kind of beading you wanna add.


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