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Designing that Mughal gown

The month has ramadan has shot in and it's going incredibly fast! Day 4 already!PANIC!

In between prayers I managed to find 45s to sketch out a rubbishy drawing of what I want my Mughal gown to look like. It's just a preliminary tinker. Not the final... Needs tweaking.

Anyway, this is that gorgeous-green-gorgeous satin emerald Jacquard weave gorgeous material I bought - there are truckloads of it. Being a pixie means I can go full whack with a full length dress, insane sleeves and embroidery, trousers and 2 scarves! Yayy!

This cost me... £30. Not bad considering the tailored gown comes to £800!

First ideas... It's too 'Bollywood' for me. Ugh. Take two...

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