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I'm Jumping Out Of A Plane

Insha-Allah this #RamadanSeason on 21st June 2014 I will be taking a skydive for Save The Mothers Trust(SMT). Click to Retweet this

It's a jump for charity and a leap of faith. If this doesn't kill me I'll pray Salatul Shukr. All the money raised will be sent to the Ramadan Food Appeal by SMT in Asian countries, African regions and Syria, so this is my request for your ongoing du`a' and help.

If you cannot donate financially (ya`ani recession), please support the skydiving event by Tweeting the donation page link:

Forward the link to your family, grandparents, news sites, professional circles, social media sites and email!

Help ME help THEM. Jazakallah ehsaan! 
Now I need to finalise my will...

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