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#Fiqh Poster Of Tahara (Purity)

A colourful revision poster for understanding the rulings of cleanliness in Islam

"Fiqh" is the Arabic name given to Islamic jurisprudence. Without it, Muslims do not have comprehensive information on how to eat, pray, stay healthy and in good faith. It's basically the roots of a tree of muslimness.

 Memorising detailed Fiqh and case studies can be equated to studying algebra (seriously, I've been Westernised) but as we develop our understanding of the beauty behind detailed guidance, we can easily adapt our personalities into our own style of learning.

That is why I share with you my beautiful sister's work (and not my own). It's a brief poster covering the main topics of Tahara (purity), Salah (prayer), Wudu (ablution) and Ghusl (bathing).

To all Madrassah teachers out there, get your students to make diagrams like this!

In need of your duas,
Happy #Hajj2013 season.


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