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Qur'an Finishing Party Ideas (Happy Muslima blog)

Fantastic and awesome. Two words I shall be using frequently to describe the blogger 'Happy Muslim Mama', Umm Saliha's post on the party she gave her daughter for finishing the Qur'an. Bloody awesome.

IDEA 1: Give the boys their own cool 'bachelor' pad complete with games, treasure hunt and non-video-gaming-experiences. Or if it's a boy's party, help the girls make their own secret den.

IDEA 2: Use fantastic decorations to really mark the celebration. Go beyond bunting. Use indoor sparklers, order a custom-made banner or paint one at home. Use lights, fill balloons with small wrapped sweets before blowing up and let the kids pop'em. Yay!

IDEA 3: Make a special 'Qur'an' cake in the shape of a book; go mental with your child's favourite ingredients. A Maltesers cake was made for this party - easy now!

IDEA 4: Decorate cupcakes with 'well done' or 'ma-sha-Allah' messages and edible toppers.

IDEA 5: Set up a dessert table. Set up a healthy snacks table and a drinks table.
IDEA 6: Let children make their own fruit kebabs.

All photos are property of Umm Saliha and should not be used without appropriate accreditation. Jazakallah. See more posts of the Happy Muslimah and her family escapades.

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