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Digital Dhikr Counter, Travel Size & Clever

dhikr tasbih digital tally counter travel size
Here's a clever gadget in the world of Muslimness. A digital finger counter. I know these have been available for-like-forever but only recently did I find them most useful. You should get one.

When making dhikr (remembrance, tasbih) of Allah, there is a kind of meditative fulfilment in rolling the rosary/prayer beads through your fingers. Simple wooden beads, carved cool marble or the dried pitted stones from dates, we each have our Muslim way of keeping count of our dhikr. It's a means to calculate "how much" we connect with Allah.

Going digital
When travelling or in public places, I've found it's not always feasible to carry a favourite rosary. I'm the weird one that pulls out a metre long row of beads in the middle of a uni lecture. 'Click-click-click'. That's the sound of the clicker counter I also have. Lecturers don't appreciate clicking in the middle of a seminar.

Don't get me wrong though, it makes a really great PDO - potential dawah opportunity, and it's humbling. Of course, you can get fancy and download a Dhikr app, or just stick to relying on your fingers and memory to testify Allah's greatness. Subhan-Allah.

But I forget. I'm getting a weaker memory and I like to keep track of my dhikr without resorting to pen, paper, or typing nonsensically into a memo that I read '1400 dukes'. Stupid smartphone autocorrect.

That's why this digital finger-counter comes in handy. This was purchased for around £1 each and they've available online for £2-3. It's going to sound like a sales pitch but I'm just to'ally into it. Ma-sha-Allah.

Image: (almost) actual size

- It wraps around any finger.
- The plastic adjustable strap is strong.
- Has an LCD screen.
- It keeps track of your dhikr even when off - clicking the count button continues adding to the previous number.
- It can completely reset back to zero.

- A velcro strap might be easier as this one is fiddly.
- Anything smaller would also be a plus, without deducting from the display size.
- A longer strap would make it useful as a neckchain or wearing as a wristband.
- It looks like a giant robotic cocktail ring, I can't tell if this is a good thing.

Get yours at Islam786books.com.

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