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BBC Video: British Muslims Looking For Love - Strictly Soulmates

Video link {http://youtu.be/xVSlbS5gn00}

Looking for love is tough at the best of times and it can be even harder when your pool of potential partners is small. Welcome to the world of being young, single and religious. This is looking for love as it's rarely been seen on TV before - with religion in play there are a whole new set of rules and it can be seriously tough to find 'the one'. Strictly Soulmates takes a fun, entertaining and emotional look at the real life trials and tribulations of a group of singletons trying to find their perfect match from four different religions: Evangelical Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jewish.

If you're young, single and Muslim, you're not actually allowed to date (unless it's a Halal date), so finding a partner involves lots of help from mum, dad, auntie and uncle too. We take an engaging look at the highs and lows of three Muslim singletons, who have never even had a relationship before, as they begin their journey's to find 'the one'. As one of our singletons says 'it's a bit like blind date, but your mum is Cilla Black'.
- BBC Three.

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