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My Awesome Sister's Poem For Me

Welcome to part of my family. This one we call Salsabeel*note, the natural poet. Hence, this birthday poem I was given last year (and finally thought to share). But mostly, this is to publicly say shukran, jazakallah khayr to the saner sibling of our tribe.

"To my sister, my teacher, my friend,
I pray I will remain your trusty sidekick until the end.
For you are an explosion of colour and light,
Happiness and humour making life beautifully bright.
And through every dark patch and cloud day,
Your laughter and caring words shine through the grey.

To my sister, my teacher, my friend,
I love you always and more than you could comprehend.
You are a blessing, a guide that God did send,
None else has held my hand so tight on the Siraatul-Mustaqeem,
For you are one striving servant of Ar-Raheem.
Deserving of the utmost when we leave this dream.

To my sister, my teacher, my friend,
You are the tree under whose shade hours I spend.
Your branches reach all so lovingly with compassion and care,
You need not move for we all rush to see a tree so rare.
With roots firmly grounded in the Deen,
You are the most inspiring role model I have ever seen."

Well. Masha'Allah.

*Note: "From a fountain in Paradise called Salsabeel." (Qur'an, 76:18)


  1. yay you put it up! :) glad you liked it. I meant every word.

  2. This is really sweet... MashaAllah... :)

  3. beautiful - Salsabeel: you're awesome! - Zaufishan - you have lovely siblings, masha'Allah.

  4. I agree Wasi, I have fantastic siblings. Al hamdulillah.

  5. That's so very sweet :)
    Sara, an Aussie Turkish sis.


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