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Fajr Salat (فجر) "And enter My Paradise"

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

UK GMT 5:15am. Waiting on fajr (فجر), making salawat in Muharram, December 2010.

According to my local masjid calendar, and these trusted sites (I trust them), the national prayer time for Ukay, fajr (the prayer before sunrise) will be after 6am.

{www.prayertimes.info} - 6:34am
{www.praytime.info} - 6:27am
{www.prayertimes.co.uk} - 6:12am (beginning time)

Get your salat on. And include your fellow human beans in your du`a. Please. While I'm waiting for fajr to shine through, take 3 minutes to listen to Surah Al-Fajr with me, the befitting chapter called The Dawn. (Qur'an: 89) The blessed Qari Saad al-Ghamdi recites this chapter.

{youtube video}

This is a very personal set of verses by Allah who lists the human condition. Our nature to dislike charity or supporting charities and conversely our love for collecting things, for wealth. Allah reminds us of powerful people from the past who had their equivalent of skyscrapers, a monopoly over wealth and a dark lust for materialism - signs of neglecting the belief in Allah - and how their "judgement day" resulted in destruction during their lifetime. This is what they earned, self-destruction through greed, pride and spiritual death. Only Allah knows what they'll receive on The Final Day (yawm'ul akhirah).

There is the exclamation of a person who realises he could have done more, "if only, if only I had been more active, performed my salat, held onto patience a little longer, been kinder to people and done more good for this Day." That person converts when the test is over and the results have already come in. We all convert in life, we have periods of sudden realisation, we have haqq (truth, acceptance) and we sense - yaqeenan (reality) - the actuality of life and death. This wakes us up spiritually, although physically we may already have our eyes open. This is what fajr does. It eases you out of a dream-like world and shocks you with icy-coldness so you properly see, with both eyes: what is the value of wealth, orphans, life, good deeds and death. You wake up.

In a stark comparison those who do love orphans (all of them), those who do love giving charity, those who are happily generous, who encourage another with "hey, lets help a weaker today, lets ask the neighbours if they need owt, support a child, help a homeless person", they're the ones who win a sweetness in this life called 'sakina'. A tranquility that begins on the inward from our hearts and physically transpires in our actions so we're content, our lives are in love with Allah, crapness could occur but we're ok with what Allah gives us. They earn the ultimate reward which if even mildly understood, would help us see the 'plasticness' and temporality of the things around us. For them Allah says in the last verse,  "And enter My Paradise!" (wadu khuli jannati).

You could listen to this surah repeatedly and learn a new meaning, a new lesson that Allah set for you at a particular time, which you hadn't heard before.

Fajr's around the corner. I feel better now. Make du`a people. For me and my loves too.

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