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Official dates to Ramadaning (after the hilal wars)

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

So I found myself once again in the annual face-off of 'who saw the Ramadan new moon first?' At first, nobody did.

The new moon, hilal in Arabic, assigns the beginning of the new Islamic month as the Muslim calendar is a lunar one. We Muslims are totally cool with checking the skies for the new moon at the end of each month with our gadgets and wonky eyes and telescopes throughout the world, but for some loco reason we become agitated just before Dhul Hijjah and Ramadan. Even though I was thoroughly cussed for asking about the Ramadan start date and who really saw the moon (I am a below-average Muslim, I ask because I do not know) - the hilal committees around the world whispered that some of the sightings of Tuesday were negative, therefore Wednesday was the 1st of Ramadan by default (and by moon sighting). There could have been 31 days of Shab'an but let's not go there.

So here in the UK, the majority began on Thursday 12th August as the 1st fast. We are all fasting together now so forgive me for any disputes I most likely have caused. May Unity be with you. رمضان مبارك

Date (2010)Times of first sighting and setting of the crescent Moon*
11 AugCrescent moon visible with binoculars around 20:36; sets 20:42Crescent moon visible only with binoculars, around 20:48; sets 20:51Crescent moon visible only with binoculars, around 20:46; sets 20:49Crescent moon not visible with telescope
12 AugCrescent moon easily visible around 20:43; sets 21:01Crescent moon easily visible around 20:55; sets 21:08Crescent moon easily visible around 20:52; sets 21:05Crescent moon easily visible around 21:06; sets 21:14
9 SeptCrescent moon not visibleCrescent moon not visibleCrescent moon not visibleCrescent moon not visible
10 SeptCrescent moon easily visible around 19:35;
sets 19:45
Crescent moon easily visible around 19:42; sets 19:48Crescent moon easily visible around 19:39; sets 19:44Crescent moon easily visible around 19:49; sets 19:49

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