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Glass Painting Vases With Henna

I made this painted vase for my mother over a year ago, in 2009.

Vases are essential for a household that is decorated with fresh cut flowers. But we usually reuse pots, jam jars and hand-made clay pots. I thought, why not create something more colourful?

So I went with henna. In Indo-Pak culture, henna is a detailed art form used to express celebrations and personality.

I scaled out an Arabic design onto parchment and traced it onto this tube shaped glass vase with fade-out markers (they don't leave a mark, excellent for fabrics).

Then, using glass outliners and inks the design was filled in. With these projects you need a little of patience. Depending on the room temperature (my studio is a dungeon), the paints take a few hours to dry completely.

islamic art glass painting
The Arabic henna pattern is first drawn by hand then traced onto the glass, by inserting the parchment behind the vase wall. I use this pattern for Eid cards too.

Zaufishan | British Muslim Blog


  1. Salaam very creative awesome.keep it up... :)
    like me but lazy to do anything lol


Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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