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DIY Bespoke Walima Invites

I was honourably asked by a good friend Yanti Sulaeman and her husband Yousuf Walton to (really quickly) design their walima invitation card. A walima is the Muslim wedding reception held by the groom to basically share his newfound joy with everyone he knows; and anyone else who gate-crashes for free food.

Yanti and Yousuf live in Indonesia where Yanti and her family have lived for generation. They are both teachers-excellent teachers-and I have oodles of respect for them. Alhamdulillah.

Front of card (pictured above) reads: undangan, Indonesian for invitation.

Back of card (below) reads: VIP entry.

Congratulations, mabrookings Yanti and Yousuf! Barakallah feekum, may Allah preserve you in organic love.

Make your own: Marriage Dua Place-cards


  1. Oh, WOW! Beautiful! Congrats once again to the lovely couple and to you Sr. Zaufishan dear for a wonderful creation on short notice! :-) This just popped into my head: If I ever get there, *blush*- you are SO making my walima invite cards!
    Wouldn't that just be kh'amazing??<--------Argh. I said it again, *must find treatment for hyperzaufishanism* :-S

    Toodle-doo back at ya sister :-)

  2. Oh, you did such a beautiful card for my son sister. I just wish they would send me one here in the US so I can put it in my keep sake book. I so wish that I COULD BE THERE TO CELERATE WITH MY SON AND NEW DAUGHTER. Thank you for doing such a good job for them on such short notice, prayers of peace and blessings on you , ameen. Mama Walton

  3. @Mrs Walton - I'm most honoured that you liked it. Thank you kindly. You have an amazing daughter-in-law (I know!) and I wish you and your family the best, inshaAllah, with God's permission.
    Was'salam'alaikum, and peace be with you!


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