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Gazelle Media.co.uk Interview

Quick announcement: I have an interview with the film production company Gazelle Media today 10th February. They are based in London UK, have a strong ethical grounding and promote Muslimness nationally and internationally.

My interview will be part of a Muslim Women Documentary in which several iconic Muslim women from the UK -and elsewhere, I haven't checked- explain what they contribute to their community, their work, roles and what they think of current affairs (I'm guessing the last point but current news always comes into our conversations). Let's face it, women are getting a 2nd rate vote in everything and with hijab/niqab issues it's time we corrected that which was wrong.

So, although I am no "Iconic Muslim" I do make little satirical sketches and become outrageously determined for social change within my community, in the media, from raging Muslims (yes, certain Muslims are also repressing) and I am the kooky pixie Muslim woman who is being interviewed for the above inshaAllah.

HUGE shukrans to sisters Shaheen Ahmed the artist and Shaista Gohir from Muslim Voice UKwho initiated this.

I'll be back to explain the damage I caused! Here's a du'a' to success, positive unity and a hope that I don't swear when filming. Stick a dua' in for me, won't ya. JazakAllah khairan.

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  1. best of luck zaufishan and may Allah always help u in everything u do that has good consequences for u n all the muslims Ameen :)

  2. Ma'sha'allah Sis, this is great news. Wishing you all the best and insha'allah it will benefit the community. *Du'a to be submitted for this day and many more to come*
    Can't wait to hear about the 'damage'

    Go Team Zaufishan!


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