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In college I studied Product Design: Textiles Technology - they didn't have Graphics, which is more my thing. Now instead of experimenting with computer software and digital media, I find myself merging fabrics and technology together. This is much more fun than it sounds.

Behold the Bernina CAD/CAM sewing machine (costing around £1000). CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design = using computers to design anything from socks to giant architecture; Computer Aided Manufacture = using computers to turn those designs into the full product.

The Bernina: Excellent for free-machine embroidery, labelling, designer stitches and
sewing your name EVERYWHERE

Back to my Product Design in Textiles Technology: this graphical love combined with textiles meant I could fiddle with designs on screen, save them to a memory card, slot that into a computer-aided-sewing machine, press 'start' and watch the sewing machine automatically stitch out my embroidery. Like this:

Blast, my full name wouldn't fit.

The Bernina sewing machine has around 30 set embroidery designs in memory but the HUGE advantage of connecting it to computer is that WHATEVER I want, from full person-portraits to brand names, can be sewn onto clothing, toys etc in a matter of minutes. I never thought of branding my clothing... that's shallow. Still, a very sleek piece of equipment.

I have a Brother [link]. Anyone else out there a sewing fanatic?

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