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Handmade Headscarves

I have yards of fabric stored in boxes, used for embroidering panels and experimenting with craft techniques. I'm a bit of a textile designer you see, having studied the subject at college (I wanted graphics, they gave me textiles). Anywho...

This gorgeous platinum-coloured fabric - originally a large wrap over and part of a handmedown salwar kameez combo - was cut to size and stitched to make a square headscarf, commonly known as 'hijab' in the Muslim world.
  • The satin-like material is cut to size (larger scarves are best around 48" squared).
  • Turn the edges in twice to 1cm for a uniform finish. You need to keep a seam allowance of 2cm around around the edges - this extra fabric is then folded and stitched with straight seams as shown below:
  • That's it! Cut and stitched in less than 30 minutes. A fabulous model presenting the completed scarf, with matching pins and things.

An original Zaufishan.com project. 
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