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I Found Hijab-Man!

I'm ecstatic. Words cannot exude how deliciously smiley I am. I found Mr Hijab-Man, yep, I did. Describing himself as "a small pakistani man who sells fun t-shirts for Muslims", he's known as Javed Ali - a blogger with a Muslim difference, intellectually interesting and a character that needs mainstream attention... He had me at pakistani.

His blog, HijabMan, is his brilliant platform for -
"a form of worship, a form of thanks to God. It is a way of reflecting upon the sights I see, my experiences with people, and my life in general".

HijabMan's life is entertaining, alhamdulillah. **EDIT: He was recently featured in emel's marriage section on his discovery to finding his partner in crime and HijabMan runs the Muslim365 photo blog.

Lo and behold the musings of the average muslimness, comical, ditzy and smart simultaneously.

With peace.

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  1. Hahaha you're funny Sis! Very cool find. Congrats ;-) - a little Indian who studies medicine and wants to buy fun t-shirts made for Muslims, LOL . . seriously though, I do want some t-shirts. :-)


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