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Message of the week... Salah (Prayer)


I was reading through a email sent by a good friend and was moved by the effect salah (obligatory prayer for Muslims) had on two muslim figures from history. While I haven't researched the sources or read them anywhere else, the intention and message behind each is beautiful. Hopefully it'll convince those afflicted with sloth to try a little harder to pray the minimum of 5 x a day...

`Umar (RA) became unconscious after he was stabbed, and according to Al Miswar bin Makhramah, it was said: "Nothing would wake him up except the call to prayer, if he is still alive." They said to him, "The prayer has finished, O Chief of the Faithful!" He woke up and said, "The prayer, by Allah! Verily, there is no share in Islam for whoever abandons the prayer." He performed the prayer while his wound was bleeding.

[Sifat as Safwah 2/131, As Siyar 5/220]

After ar-Rabi` bin Khaytham became partially paralyzed, he used to go to the mosque helped by two men. He was told: "O Abu Yazid! You have been given permission to pray at home." He said, "You have said the truth, but I heard the caller hearld, 'Hayya `ala al-Falah (Come to success)', and I thought that whoever hears this call should answer it even by crawling."

[Hilyat al Awliya 2/113]

Of course if Muslims contemplated their own death more often it would possibly kick the urgency of 'haya-ing' to 'falah' (hastening to success). Try to submit more often.


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