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Get the Muslim Look (GTML)

With Autumn rolling over our heads and muslim fashion trends moving on, I restyled my wardrobe to keep my muslimness looking extra summery.

Hijab styles vary massively country to country, with many colour pallettes and patterns still rubbing shoulders. I personally fell for Armine Eşarpları, a leading brand in Turkey with the most elegant and sophisticated hijab wraps around. I felt compelled to adapt their styles for my autumn-wear and took inspiration from their collection below...

The last two looks, in my opinion, cover both trendiness and elegance for the modern muslim. The outfits can be put together in any colour but the Audrey Hepburn elbow length velvet gloves and gold collared jacket are iconic must haves in my autumn-wear and might pop out for a glam Eid-ul-Fitr.

The final two pictures are great for accessorising and experimenting with colourful gems. Here is an inexpensive outfit-put-together to get that muslim look.

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